Spectra Productions presents the Idaho Sportsman Show, at Expo Idaho
Thurs and Friday 5-9 pm, Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

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Saturday 7:30 pm
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The Idaho Natural Resource Foundation and the Idaho Outfitters & Guides Association proudly present the 8th Annual Idaho State Championship Elk Calling Contest, Saturday, March 7, 2015, 7:30 p.m.


Thursday 7:30pm
State Game Animal Forum
The Role of Public Input in Fish and Game Decisions
Regan Berkley and Craig White, Regional Wildlife Managers

Friday 7:00pm
Elk Hunting, Improve Your Calling,
Corey Jacobsen, Extreme Elk Magazine


THURSDAY 6:00- 7:30pm and SATURDAY 5:30
North Building
State Fisheries Forum
Management of Southwest Idaho Fish Populations
Joe Kozfkay, Regional Fisheries Manager

THURSDAY 7:30 North Building
Flyfishing the Snake River- Swan Falls to Marsing-
Mike Sandifer- Northwest School of Fly Fishing

FRIDAY 7:30pm Western Town Building
Selecting The Right Flyline
Michael Bantam, Fly Fishers of Idaho

FRIDAY 6-8pm North Building
Cliff Crochet- Bass Pro
Up The River- Large Mouth Strategies

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Held by Gazebo Stage
Saturday at 3 and Sunday at 1
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Fishing Seminars
Seminar Title
Presented By:
6:00 Joe Kozfkay Management of Southwest Idaho Fish Populations Dept of Fish & Game
7:30 Mike Sandifer Flyfishing the Snake River NW School of Flyfishing
Seminar Title
Presented By:
6-8pm Cliff Crochet Up The River- Large Mouth Strategies Cliff "The Cajun Baby" Crochet
7:30 Michael Bantam Selecting The Right Flyline Fly Fishers of Idaho
Seminar Title
Presented By:
Chris Adams- IBFN Bass Fishing Strategies in ID IBFN Youth
Tom Claycomb III Flyfishing 101 Outdoor To The Core
Hank Patterson World's Best Fishing Guide Reel Recovery
Richard Mucciaccio How Do you spell Dorado? Baja Pirates
Tom Claycomb III Back Country Fly Fishing Outdoor To The Core
Joe Kozfkay Management of Southwest Idaho Fish Populations Dept of Fish & Game
Mike Sandifer Fly Fishing Secrets of the South Fork of the Payette River Northwest School of Fly Fishing
Pro Escobedo Columbia River Fall Chinook VIP Outdoors
Seminar Title
Presented By:
Pro Escobedo Columbia River Fall Chinook VIP Outdoors
Jameson Redding Fishing From a Kayak Alpenglow
Tom Claycomb III Flyfishing 101 Outdoor To The Core
Richard Mucciaccio How Do you spell Dorado? Baja Pirates
Fly Casting Demonstration- Held by Gazebo Stage
Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 1pm Presented by Northwest School of Fly Fishing
Hunting Seminars
Seminar Title
Presented By:
6:30 Tom Claycomb III Airguns & Small Game Hunting Outdoor To The Core
7:30 Regan Berkley and Craig White, Regional Wildlife Managers The Role of Public Input in Fish and Game Decisions Dept of Fish & Game
Seminar Title
Presented By:
7:00 Corey Jacobsen Elk Hunting: Improve Your Calling Extreme Elk Magazine
Seminar Title
Presented By:
12-5 Kids Archery Shoot Nampa Bow Chiefs
Tom Claycomb III Airguns and Small Game Hunting Outdoor To The Core
Corey Jacobsen Elk Hunting- Improving your Call Extreme Elk Magazine/ Elk 101.com
2:00 Andrew Chamberlain Ballistics-Better & Best Cartridge Selection Cartridge Comparison Guide
Tom Claycomb III Knife Sharpening/Choosing the Proper Knife Outdoor To The Core
Regan Berkley and Craig White, Regional Wildlife Managers The Role of Public Input in Fish and Game Decisions Dept of Fish & Game
Robert Martin Big Game Archery Gem County Archery
Tom Claycomb III Bear Hunting -Spring Bear Outdoor To The Core
7:00 Karl Findling Backcountry Hunting: From A-Z. How To Get Started Oregon Pack Works
7:30 9th Annual Elk Calling Contest ID Nat Resource Found.
Seminar Title
Presented By:
Tom Claycomb III Backpacking 101 Outdoor To The Core
Karl Findling Backcountry Hunting: From A-Z. How To Get Started Oregon Pack Works
Andrew Chamberlain Ballistics-Better & Best Projectile Selection Cartridge Comparison Guide
Ed Sweet Turkey Calling-Hard Hunted Birds vs Aggressive Calling  



Corey Jacobsen

For 7-Time World Champion Elk Caller, Corey Jacobsen, there is nothing like the high-country in mid-September. Finishing in the top 5 in the Professional Division at the RMEF World Championship Elk Calling contest 14 times in the past 15 years, he has become one of the most sought-after resources for elk calling and elk hunting instruction in the nation. In 2013, Corey was also named the RMEF’s ‘Champion of Champions”. Corey recognizes that success on the stage doesn’t necessarily relate to success in the field, however, and he lives for the “real” contest that takes place in the elk woods every September. It is there, on public land, over-the-counter archery units that he has been hunting elk for over 25 years.

Corey’s passion for elk hunting also led him to create Elk101.com, a website devoted to elk hunting education, instruction, and entertainment. Elk101.com offers a wealth of elk hunting information, along with interaction with other elk hunters, elk hunting videos, and gear. In 2011, Elk101.com also launched Extreme Elk Magazine. With a foundation of elk hunting stories contributed by real, everyday elk hunters, combined with the energy and experience of a dedicated editorial staff, Extreme Elk Magazine has burst onto the scene as one of the premier hunting magazines in the nation!

Now living in Boise, Idaho, Corey and his wife, Jennifer, have three children – Isaac, Jessi, and Samuel.


Cliff Crochet

Hometown: Pierre Part, LA
Age: 30
Weigh-in Song: Geno’s Two Step - Geno Delafose
Online: CliffCrochet.com / Facebook.com/CliffCrochet
Twitter - CliffCajunBaby
Career B.A.S.S. Winnings - $302,837
Service as Deputy Sheriff - 11 years

Career Highlights:
3-Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier
- 24th place 2014 Bassmaster Elite Series
- 10th place 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series
2006 Louisiana State Champion
2010 Rookie of the Year runner-up
- 7 career top-10 B.A.S.S. finishes
- 34 top-50 B.A.S.S. finishes
- 1 career Elite Series runner-up finish
Host of Youth Fishing Day in Louisiana

Hunting, coaching youth football
,Action Industries, K2 Coolers,
Falcon Rods, Luck E Strike, Power Pole,
Honey Bunny Baits, Humdinger, 5x3 Nation,
Bill Lewis Lures, Biobor EB




Tom Claycomb III

Tom writes a weekly article for Bass Pro Shop and has Outdoor columns in newspapers in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and Louisiana and freelances for numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites. Writes for Havalon Knives, bowhunter.net, bowhunter.com, Western Whitetail Hunter and Hunt Alaska Magazine. He teaches 60 seminars/yr. and is on Prostaff for numerous companies and has tested products for hundreds of outdoor companies and has works available on Amazon Kindle. He likes pretty much anything outdoor wise and has killed numerous world record animals (6 years before they reached that status).    



Pro Escobedo

Columbia River Salmon Fishing

Bio: Born and raised in Nyssa OR 32 years old

Graduated from Western Oregon University

Back story: Being raised in an area where many different species of fish were available, I would always dream of catching big bright salmon and steelhead. After completing my degree at Western Oregon I began to pursue that childhood dream. Before I knew it I was living my dream here in Western Oregon. I predominately fish the Columbia and Willamette River where I believe I have narrowed down the best times of year to fish with the best techniques. My goal as a guide is not only to provide the best experience to all customers of all experience levels, but to teach others the techniques I have developed as a professional angler.


Karl Findling

Karl is the co-owner of Oregon Pack Works, a newly launched back pack and binocular harness company, based in Bend, Oregon. Karl’s primary career is a professional fire captain, and has been in the EMS, Structural, and Wild land fire-field for thirty years--starting out as a volunteer in his home town, Ontario, Oregon.

Karl started his hunting lifestyle at a young age following his father, a back country hunter who loved chasing deer and Upland birds. Karl took his first buck at age twelve while learning hunting ethics and techniques from his only brother-in-law, Bob. Those early trips supplied Karl’s formative years with the experience and mentoring needed to create an advocate of the wilderness. Each trip traveled just a bit further into the areas without roads, thus a back country way-of-life was created.

By seventeen, his first true back country experience resulted in one of the biggest bucks he’s shared in taking with a rifle, but with a memorable “stay outdoors all night, without a coat,” kind-of-story. Many of these “Oops” moments have resulted in many colorful stories of mostly “how not to do it!” Karl’s hope is to give you at least one take-home-lesson or tip.

Having “learned” from others’ mistakes, Karl has had no problem thinking he had “learned it all” from all those magazines we used to read. Now that he’s compiled thirty years of “miss-adventure’s,” Karl hopes his DIY “tips and how-to’s,” help those new to the back country, and possibly add something to the mix for that back country guy that, “knows it all.”

Karl has hiked and float-hunted for deer, elk, Caribou and traveled many miles by foot to find desert mule deer, and high country elk. While hunting Chukars is his passion, big game hunts are what carry him from season to season.

These days getting out for his passion, Chukar hunting or back country deer and elk is a challenge with two young girls at home and two jobs. But doing so just adds to the richness of each trip, and he hopes to offer the “ammo to go forth” with practical advice in order to “experience the things I have that have made my soul richer, and made me a stronger person.”

Thanks for your attendance.



Hank Patterson (Travis Swartz)

Hank Patterson is a self-proclaimed, world-renowned, fly-fishing expert and guide. He is the host and subject of his own web series “The Reel Adventures Of Fly Fishing Expert Hank Patterson”, a collection of videos that has, in the past two years, taken the fly fishing world by storm.

Hank is one of only three living fly fishers to have ever landed a Native Idaho CuttyRainBrown Trout and he does not hesitate to share that experience with anyone and everyone willing or unwilling to listen. He has no pictures, no one was there to witness the catch and the details of the story seem to change with each telling, but most have come to accept Hank at his word. Questioning Hank Patterson can lead to mild violence.

Hank is a high school graduate, Pabst Blue Ribbon enthusiast, grizzly bear cub wrangler, award winning fly fishing film maker and casting expert extraordinaire. His “Snap It” fly casting technique, introduced in the fall of 2012, has quickly becoming the stuff of legend. Hank's love for fly fishing is the direct result of 127 viewings of the film A River Runs Through It on blu-ray. If you find yourself in the presence of Hank, be prepared to forget everything you ever thought you knew about fly fishing because everything is about to change.

Jameson Redding
James grew up fishing and hunting in the foothills of NC, but later moved to the Florida Gulf Coast. His passion for fishing really began to take shape and he spent the next 7 years learning how to catch reds and trout on the flats. He now fishes the IFA Kayak Tour, which is a branch of the popular Redfish Tour that takes him to every state along the east coast and Gulf Coast from South Carolina to Louisiana. Jameson is also working full time producing kayak fishing media and over just the past year has traveled and fished Northern California to Southern California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and most of the State of Florida including the Keys. He has been fortunate enough to land many different species from his kayak such as Ling Cod, Calico Bass, Rooster Fish, Bull Redfish, and even a Wahoo off the coast of Pensacola. When not on the water or on the road he can be found working at the Winston Salem Great Outdoor Provision Co. in NC.
• Fished two full seasons in the IFA Kayak Tour Fishing 4th at the 2012 National Championship. • Worked with NCKFA (North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association) Teaching kayak fishing seminars. • Host of New series for YakAngler.com

Mike Sandifer

Mike is the owner of Northwest School of Fly Fishing and NW Trout shop here in Boise. Northwest School of Fly Fishing is a fly fishing school dedicated to teaching anglers how to become successful anglers on any river or stream. Northwest School of Fly Fishing is real fly fishing school with a curriculum of over 26 classes on fly fishing with an ongoing seminar program designed to present fly fishing year round to all fly anglers at any skill level. With over 48 years of fly fishing experience, Mike has a unique approach to fly fishing that is grounded in experience and the science of fly fishing.


Richard Mucciaccio- Fly Fishing Guide.
Home Post Falls, Idaho / La Paz BCS Mexico
Guide for Baja Pirates of La Paz and Castaway Fly Fishing Shop Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
Saltwater Fly Fishing 42 + years started on Cape Cod Massachusetts and international waters.
Freshwater Fly Fishing also all of the country and internationally.
Have been with Baja Pirates since 2010 have filmed for Seasons on the Fly currently airing on NBC Sports.

Fly Fishing The Waters of La Paz
Salt Water fly fishing is the fastest growing outdoor sport and for good reason, and we have said for years now that the Sea of Cortez offers the largest variety of fish species to be found anywhere. To be able to offer our clients with the thrill of fly fishing in La Paz we have recruited the services of Richard Mucciaccio to become our full time Fly Fishing Guide.

Richard began saltwater fishing in his early teens on Cape Cod. In his early 20's he spent most of his time outdoors fly fishing both fresh water and salt water all over New England an Maine. He later moved west to Post Falls, Idaho where he continued to polish his fly fishing skills.

In 2006, Richard joined forces with Loop Tackle and worked in Sales and Marketing. While with Loop Tackle he became a guide all over the Pacific NW and Canada. In 2011, Richard ventured down to La Paz and began fly fishing with us in the Sea of Cortez. He spent 2011 and early 2012 explopring the waters around La Paz to learn the fishery. In mid 2012 we hired Richard as our full time Fly Fishing Guide.

When not guiding in La Paz, Richard continues his work with Loop Tackle and teaches beginner fly fishing courses. He enjoyes working with people looking to learn fly fising, with those interested in advancing their own skills, and fly fisherman eager to catch prize salt water trophies.

We are proud to have added the services of Richard and be able to provide guided fly fishing trips in La Paz. Contact us for more information about the exciting fly fishing packages we offer.


Michael Bantam
Owner of www.DreamCastIdaho.com “Idaho’s Premier Fly Fishing and Casting School” is on the staff of The Owyhee Fly Fisher. “The Complete Angler” is for those wanting to develop their casting skills in a combined casting/fly-fishing workshop with a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor.

DreamCastIdaho.com, is adding a new program to our 2013 schedule which brings a unique opportunity to our students and fly-fishing angler’s wanting to improve their casting techniques, while fishing one of the Northwest’s premier fly fishing rivers.

“The Complete Angler Workshop” is more than a hands on fly fishing workshop or a guided fly fishing trip, “It’ both”, taught and guided by Michael L. Bantam, a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, and The Owyhee Fly Fisher.com

The package includes DreamCastIdaho.com’s “Intermediate Casting Class”, see website for details. This 4 hour class will fine-tune your casting skills while teaching you new methods for fishing dry flies, nymphs, streamers. Along with line management, and mending techniques that are sure to enhance your fly-fishing experience on any river.

The next morning you and your Instructor will head over to the Owyhee River where we will help you establish an approach, select flies based on seeing the hatch, and help you develop the casting techniques taught in your workshop.

Class sizes are limited to four anglers and two guides.

  Joe Kozfkay, Regional Fisheries Manager
State Fisheries Forum
Management of Southwest Idaho Fish Populations
This presentation will focus on management and monitoring of important southwest Idaho fish populations, including those in Arrowrock, Lucky Peak, CJ Strike, Lake Lowell, and Brownlee reservoirs as well as in large rivers, small streams, and community fishing waters. Joe will also present an overview of the fishing and boating access program. Lastly, Joe will give an overview of the fish rules development process and will provide opportunity for public comment and discussion.

Andrew Chamberlain

Published Author: Cartridge Comparison Guide – The Ultimate Hunting and Ballistics Manual
The Black Rifle Cartridge Comparison Guide – AR, MSR, Tactical & Mil Surplus
The Cartridge Comparison Guide-2
Western Hunter Magazine

Engineering Bachelor of Science

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Member of P.M.I. (Project Management Institute) & Instructor

Board Member of P.O.M.A. (Professional Outdoor Media Association)

Andrew Chamberlain is known as a ballistics expert but prefers to be called a Ballistics Enthusiast. He has published three books with several others in the works. He has written many articles for hunting magazines, blogs and other media outlets. He has also researched, developed and published ten unique posters of life-sized cartridge images each featuring a unique cartridge category. The ignition that launched him into the outdoor writing arena is three fold: First was an extreme frustration with the folklore, myth, and media frenzies that blur and distort fact from fiction in many aspects of the hunting and shooting world. Second was the disparity in facts; regarding comparative cartridge potency and relative performance in ammunition. Third was the mass confusion, and in some cases outright mistruths, about bullet (projectile) performance and bullet capabilities. An example that illustrates all three of these frustrations is presenting of the 6.8 SPC as a ballistic equivalent of the 270 Winchester.

Before becoming an Author and Ballistician, Andrew worked professionally as a Civil Engineer and Project Manager in multiple fields. He has worked in the design, construction, and renovation of multiple US Military Health Facilities including Hospitals, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Traumatic Pain clinics as well as Outpatient Soldier Family Health, MRI, and Dental Clinics. He also worked as an International-Mobile Petroleum Engineer and as a City and Urban Development Engineer. Before he finished his education he worked as a Firefighter, a Christian Services Missionary in South America, general construction, a line cook, and at the local grocery store. In general he did any kind of work that would earn money for school, food, sports, clothing, and gas.

As an Author, Andrew Chamberlain draws from his somewhat unique, but extremely relatable background to formulate and temper his writing style. He grew up in a small town, working the land and taking care of animals. Hunting, fishing, camping, and High School sports were as normal as one could expect. Typical small town topics of conversation included High School Athletics, Church on Sunday, friends and family who served in the military, The Constitution and Our Founding Fathers, Religious Freedom, Freedom itself, Free-Agency, Accountability, and the consequence/rewards of personal choices. As a teenager, adversarial environmental and liberal agendas introduced significant difficulties into his community and life. This coupled with his life experiences and employment has instilled a no-nonsense attitude toward conservation, political, economic and religious issues.

On a Personal note, Andrew Chamberlain has realized four of his biggest dreams within the last few years. He has been to Africa where he hunted and killed both an Eland and a Lion (there are still several African animals on his list). He has lived in and hunted Alaska. He married his sweetheart and is now a new father of two beautiful children.

Overall, Andrew Chamberlain loves truth, freedom, free agency and accountability as well as all things associated with the Second Amendment and the ability to hunt and feed one’s self and family. He works to preserve and bring these things to light in his daily and professional efforts.


Regan Berkley and Craig White, Regional Wildlife Managers
The Role of Public Input in Fish and Game Decisions

Presenters will illustrate how hunting seasons are set, from the initial step of “scoping” public ideas to the final vote by the Fish and Game Commission. Hunters will learn the timing and process of effectively providing their input to Fish and Game staff, how that input is handled through the season-setting process and how members of the public can be better involved in the management of Idaho’s wildlife.



Robert Martin-

Bionic-Archer Innovations

Has archery hunted for 30 plus years.

Archery bivy hunting for 25 plus years. (bivy hunting is carrying you camp on you back in road less areas)

Pro-Staff for multiple archery companies in the hunting side & professional target archery.

Has worked in the hunting industry as an international & domestic sales manager for 8 plus years.

I have conducted numerous archery & hunting seminars.

Ed Sweet
Ed will be conducting a seminar titled Turkey Calling- Hard Hunted Birds vs Aggressive Calling on Sunday at 3pm